Friday, December 26, 2014

A Conversation With... Isis King and Janet Mock


Laverne Cox, Janet Mock Talk Stigma of Loving Transgender Women[Janet Mock: 'Shaming Men Attracted To Transgender...']

My reply:

On my myriad social networks, from the phenomenally popular Face-oogle-twit to the NSFW at a whorehouse (like Fetlife listed above) I always use my common-law–and now legal–name (Vallin SFAS to anyone who missed it). I am direct and adamant in my love, admiration, and attraction to transwomen. I am friends and lovers of many, and public in my sentiments. I am freely open to dating any transwomen with whom mutual desire is evident (You KNOW who you are. I’m in Decatur and Midtown ATL. Look me up!). If anyone has a problem with that, then YOU have a problem.

Paul and Lily Cole Discuss 'Hope For The Future' - Full Transcript |

Paul and Lily Cole Discuss 'Hope For The Future' - Full Transcript | "Guitar is interesting because you kind of cradle it. You kind of almost cuddle it. You hold it to you, and you play. That gives you a certain kind of feeling. With piano, you almost push it away. It’s just two different attitudes. I’m not sure whether the song is influenced by that, but the writing of it is."

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