Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Chasers gotta Chase! Why men love Transsexuals - InfoBarrel

Chasers gotta Chase! Why men love Transsexuals - InfoBarrel:
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My Sweet-Meesh's (Michelle Spicer) best article so far. Thanks for sticking up for us Admirers ['SNIF']. We progress ad parnassus Chaser>Admirer>Trans-friend/lover>Trans (and by extension LGBT)-ally. Sometimes we unlock our own latent bi-genderqueer identities along the way.

"Fetishes/Taboos" were originally magical power tools reserved for only the highest-ranking MOJO-rising tribal/cultural members. In some American Indian tribes, the transgenders--AND THEIR CHOSEN LOVERS--were granted high status and respect.

I've chased my Meesh across the entire Continent and 4 time zones <3 i="">

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