Wednesday, November 23, 2011

"We are [who] we do" -(with apologies to) Aristotle

Technically my sexual/gender orientation and nomenclature ("genderqueer" or "genderfluid") DOES, in fact, define my sexuality/sexual behaviour. This is in reply to those numerous who claim that their orientation does not denote their behaviour. Mine is an accurate description. That is why I changed it from "heterosexual" which is SO last geological age for me.

I'm not specifically a sexual "submissive", but I do need my partners to take the more aggressive lead, and I do love "bottom" (I really have a nice one to offer, by the way, so hit me up). I especially love MtoF Transgenders (domme but gentle--no pain, and I'm not a slave), and I like young-ish, twinkie-looking cismales, and--of course--fembois. And I still love GG's, Asian and Euro-caucasian particularly.

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