Friday, October 14, 2011

Runnin' Down A Dream

In this e-letter, I am going to talk more about how to achieve freedom from emotional burdens and get what you desire in your life. But before I get into that discussion, let me ask you something that it's related to what I am about to talk about. 

If you have a dog or cat you probably know what they do if you project a red dot on the wall using a laser pointer or when you project a bright spot using a flash light. Move the bright spot around on the wall. What does your pet do?  Yes, they keep chasing the red dot or bright spot on the wall, never suspecting that you are the one projecting the light on the wall. They could be chasing the bright spot on the wall forever, thinking the red dot on the wall is a thing for itself. It would be frustrating chasing the spot and never catching it. If your pet realized that the source of the light was in your hand, it could end the game by chasing you, the source, instead of the projections on the wall. That behavior is funny and endearing for a pet, but I know I wouldn't want to chase the moving bright spot on the wall my whole life, not knowing where the source was, and only be frustrated that I cannot catch it.

Yes, in your waking life, very similar to when you dream, people and things in the world, for the most part, are representations and projections of a part of you inside. Things that you perceive do exist out there, of course, but how they are and how they behave greatly depends on how you model them in your mind, and that makes your world. The world that you react to with your emotions. True realization of this fact alone, brings about a great relief, a sense of empowerment, that you are in control and can change things to your liking. Many people may accept that as a fact, but few live it. And believing it and living it is the true realization that I am talking about.

Now, after realizing that others are a part of you and you can change things that are part of you, how can you use this realization to attract abundance, great relationships, or attain freedom from emotional burdens? Well, if everything out there represents a part of you deep within, to attract that thing into your life, wouldn't you need to just accept that part of you within? Wouldn't the answer be accepting and truly loving that part of you within?

Yes, for everything in the external world there's a counterpart, an image inside of you, a symbol within you; integrate that part of yourself, accept it, love it, and you will be on your way to attain that thing in the external world. If that part of you is not accepted, trying to change or attain its counterpart (its projection in the external world) can be frustrating; it's like trying to change a plot of movie in the movie theatre by walking up to the screen and trying to grab the images, instead of going to the projection room and change the reel. 

For example, if you would like to attract abundance, first you should identify what it is INSIDE you that is the symbol of abundance. Accept and love that part of yourself, and you will be on your way to great abundance. [...sunshine:)] Now, think about anything that you would like to attain. What's its counterpart within you? Can you identify that?

Wishing you the manifestation of your desires,
Dr Eric ('Believe And Manifest')
Sometimes--rarely--advice is worth WAY-Y-Y more than you pay for it!

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