Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Pursuit Of Happiness

[re: https://www.fetlife.com/users/1246615/posts]
That Constitutional ideal is the basis of my sense of sexual entitlement in the general sense. I've spent decades maintaining my fitness, developing my mind, and presenting myself as the most attractive sexual-romantic candidate I can be. I do have a rational right to assert my interest in being properly rewarded in such a way commensurate with my personality and demeanor.
Actually I'm realizing that "Sexual Entitlement" (and/or "Privilege") is a form of Dominance, and, as such, is the only direct form of dominance in which I actively engage. That...and my constant RockStar-groupie(s) fetish. I've started a kink called "Sexual Entitlement" (search it), and I invite you all to add it to your list.
@SovereignDenizen: I'm personally highly attracted to pretty transwomen, and I appreciate their unique perspective on femininity (and their obsession to attain it). If for no other reason, I'm open-minded that way, and it does exponentially enlarge my field of conquest.

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